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Val Cates is a teacher, author, and one of the founders of Writers 4 A Purpose. Her debut novel, A Gift of Name, is a Young Adult- Fantasy novel and the first book in The Stolen Heir Series. Val also hosts a series of videos on social media geared towards educating and inspiring fellow writers.

Val is an equal opportunity writer. She does not confine herself to a specific genre, format, or audience. She appreciates all of these things for the uniqueness they offer. 

When Val is not writing, she spends most of her days educating the next generation of writers in her English-Language Arts classroom. She also enjoys spending time with her family, eating copious amounts of chocolate, awaiting her overdue letter from Hogwarts, and wondering if her teaching superpowers could be useful in the Marvel Universe. 

Val lives in Pennsylvania, where winter is too cold, summer is too humid, but fall is heaven on earth. 

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