A Year of Catharsis 

*Note: Due to possible trigger topics, profanity, and violence, this book is intended for a mature audience. 

Val and three up and coming authors undertake a writing challenge in which all four authors write on a newly selected prompt every month for a year. All profits will benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This project has a release date of September 2019. 

A World of Ashes (The Stolen Heir Series- Book 2) 

- The sequel to A Gift of Name! 

Second Chances

Val's first foray into adult realistic fiction!

After a failed suicide attempt, Kasey must attend a Suicide Attempt Survivors Support Group. Despite her initial reluctance to attend, she forms close relationships with the other members and finds romance in the unlikeliest of places. In this story of love, hope, and personal growth, Kasey learns that life is full of second chances. 


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