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Tales from Allanon 

Familiar characters and new stories! Set in the universe of The Stolen Heir Series, these tales shed new light on some of your favorite characters. 

Albain searches for the perfect gift for Eilis on their first Maker's Day together. 

The enigmatic Scarlet's heartbreaking origin story is revealed. 

Abirad's motivations are illuminated. 

Before he was "Old Man," Fenustus was a young sorcerer with a tragic past. 

A World of Ashes (The Stolen Heir Series- Book 2) 

This sequel to A Gift of Name continues the tale that began in Book 1. Familiar characters struggle to find their way in an ever-changing, war torn world. 


A Year of Catharsis 

A short story collection by the co-founders of Writers 4 a Purpose (Val Cates, Sara Volk, and Cortney Leister). 

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